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Many books and resources have been written by and about the men of the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion chronicling their encounters and experiences in World War II. Books, mostly used, can often be found online via retailers such as and Barnes & Noble. Be aware that prices vary greatly, ranging from great deals to outrageous price gouging, so make sure to check all your options.

The Boldest Plan is the Best by Jim Broumely

The Boldest Plan is the Best

Author and historian Jim T. Broumley gives an in-depth history of the 509th PIB in this book released in 2011. As perhaps the only other “one source” volume dedicated soley to the 509 (Stand in the Door by Doyle and Stewart being the other) Broumley builds a gripping account by utilizing numerous resources and adding new voices to the narrative, honoring those who were trailblazers, yet are often overlooked, in US Airborne history. The writer states on his website, “Stand in the Door is a veteran’s narrative written for other veterans and their families. I tried to present the story of the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion in WWII in a greater historical context for a broader audience.” This book is readily available online and a must read for those interested in the 509th.


We Jumped to Fight: The Story of US Paratroopers

Raff, Edson D., 1944.

Bail Out over North Africa:
America’s First Combat Parachute Missions, 1942

Yarborough, William P., 1979.

Captain Cool

Breuer,  William B., 1982.

Home Was Never Like This

Yardley, Doyle R., 2002.

Stand in the Door

Doyle, Charles H. & Stewart, Terrell, 1988.

A Corporal Once

Inglesby, Leo C., 2001.

First Airborne Task Force: Pictorial History of the Allied Paratroopers in the Invasion of Southern France

De Trez, Michel, 1998.

Operation Dragoon: The Allied Invasion of the South of France

Breuer, William B., 1987.

Silver Wings and a Gold Star

McCall, Edna Daves, 2003.

Bloody Clash at Sadzot: Hitler’s Final Strike for Antwerp

Breuer, William B., & Devlin, Gerard M., 1981.

They Jumped at Midnight

Breuer, William B., 1990.

Agony at Anzio

Breuer, William B., 1990.

Beyond Valor

O’Donnel, Patrick K., 2002.


Devlin, Gerard M., 1979.

Your Lives Will Be Beautiful

Fisco, Richard D., 2008.