Farewell Friend

The 509th said goodbye to our friends and brother Doug Holaway after a courageous battle with cancer. Doug was […]

2010 Recap

Events this year include the WWII Tribute at Lowell, IN, an new event at the Illinois Railway Museum highlighting […]

Living Heritage

The 509th was invited to Heritage Woods of Batavia, IL, and assisted living community to participate in their annual […]

The 509th featured in Collinsville

In 2008 the 509th was approached by filmmaker Jerry LaBuy to play a role in his movie Collinsville.

2009 Recap

A full year of events. Lowell, the EAA Air show at Osh Kosh, and beautiful weather and huge crowds […]

Memorial Day Parade, 2004

Photos from the Memorial Day Parade through downtown Chicago in 2004.

509th Honors, Awards, & Firsts

Some 3,000 men served with the 509th during the course of World War II. Along with the storied history […]