Making a Paratrooper’s Day

We recently heard from a WWII 509er’s daughter. “My father Rex L Dye fought in WWII in the 509th. He is 92 and doing very well! My dad served in Italy, North Africa, France – I know for sure. He was a demoleation (sp) specialist. Married in 1946 and had four children – 3 boys and one girl. Our mom passed in 1995. He is so full of life.”

Then she asked if she purchase one of our unit t-shirts for he father. Our response was, “No. We’re going to send you one.” The only cost would be to send a photo of Rex wearing his new shirt!

As a Father’s Day gift Judy was able to give an old paratrooper a gift we hope he never forgets: letters of appreciation, a challenge coin, and of course one GERONIMO t-shirt.

Because there are those of us who will never forget.

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  1. Carmem Cuva says:

    I wrote you a month or so ago about my 90 year old father who was in the WWII 509th. After reading about Mr. Dye and the t-shirt, I asked if it would be possible to purchase one of the shirts for my father’s 91st birthday which is coming up July 5. I have not heard from you. Please advise one-way or the other.

    Thank you all for the good work that you do.

    • jtstrauss says:

      Carmen, I am sorry that we missed your original email. I do see you recent email about the coin, so we’ll be in touch.

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