Earning His Wings

Another 509 Living Historian has earned his wings. Stephane recently endured the training and 5 jumps in January of 2013 with the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team (ADT) to earn his jump wings. The training involves rigorous exercises and culminates with jumping from a WWII era C-47.

Congratulations Stephane, ALL THE WAY!

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  1. 1sg knight says:

    I cannot truly express how it makes me feel when you make the decision to get jump qualified. I can say that it is personally gratifying for me to see you all join the brotherhood knowing that i would feel very confident in a real world situation with any of my new brothers. Gen. James Gavin said,”show me a man that will jump and i will show you a man that will fight.” Never were truer words spoken.

  2. Stephane says:

    hi this is the brit 509 we meet in France with the v p of the 509th association but lost your address

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