Farewell Friend

The 509th said goodbye to our friends and brother Doug Holaway after a courageous battle with cancer. Doug was known by many in the reenacting community as a fun, light-hearted, generous man, whose presence will be deeply missed for a long, long time. Doug was an avid WWII (509th PIB), Viet-Nam (5th Group Special Forces) Re-Enactor, and military collector. He was an honorary member of Viet-Now, a member of the World War Two Historical Reenactment Society, and a member of the EAA Warbirds of America. Doug was 52. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Debbie, and his entire family.

Godspeed Doug.

“On angels wings, I hit the ground.
My Father’s favor, I have found.
In thanks, St. Michael I do pray.
For God has helped me–ALL THE WAY.”

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  1. 1SG.KNIGHT says:

    ST. Michael has gained a rifleman.

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